The Trials

Effectiveness implementation hybrid (EIH) trials will be conducted with 720 people with multi morbidities and their care networks in Ireland, Belgium and Sweden. An Inductive-simultaneous exploratory (ISE) trial will be conducted with 50 older people with multi morbidities and their care networks in Italy

Details of the trial

The ProACT platform will be trialled across four EU sites (Ireland, Belgium, Sweden and Italy). Two different trial methodologies will be applied to provide a comprehensive, multi-perspective evaluation of the ProACT platform.

Effectiveness Implementation Hybrid Trials

Effectiveness Implementation Hybrid (EIH) trials will commence in 2022 across three trial sites (Ireland, Belgium, and Sweden) with approximately 720 community dwelling older adults (aged 65+) with at least two of the following conditions: cardiovascular disease (excluding Stroke and Vascular Dementia), a respiratory condition (e.g. COPD), diabetes and associated co-morbidities. The Effective Implementation Hybrid (EIH) trials will include embedded process evaluations to understand the process for successful ‘real world’ implementation. These trials aim to evaluate the effectiveness of the ProACT platform to support people living with more than one chronic health condition, and to improve the care they receive.

Inductive-Simultaneous Exploratory Trial

An Inductive-Simultaneous exploratory (ISE) trial will be conducted in Italy using an Inductive-Simultaneous Exploratory (ISE) trial methodology with 50 older people with multi morbidities and their care networks. The ISE trial will evaluate the ProACT platform from a regional and organisational viewpoint. The ProACT platform will be deployed into in a region care ecosystem by simulating an experimental procurement process. The ISE trial will investigate the appropriateness of the ProTransfer, ProBCF and ProInsight indicators, the impact of the implementation of ProACT on the organisation; the public and private procurement methods of digital innovation, and the interoperability of ProACT with the regional care context.

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