SEURO partners with the Digital Health Uptake initiative

Fri Nov 17 2023

The SEURO Project has recently partnered with the Digital Health Uptake (DHU) initiative, which receives support from the European Commission. DHU is dedicated to facilitating the widespread adoption and transferability of digital health solutions and services throughout Europe as such their aim closely aligns with that of SEURO. In this productive collaboration, both projects will thoroughly explore promising avenues for joint efforts, encompassing activities that emphasise mutual support. Both projects are committed to actively promoting and showcasing each other's accomplishments and working to advance the use of digital health technologies in practice to improve the delivery of healthcare across Europe.

Digital Health Uptake Logo

This partnership marks the beginning of a promising collaboration with the potential to shape the landscape of digital health innovation for Europe’s citizens. As SEURO and DHU combine their substantial expertise and resources, they will seek to present solutions to Europe’s healthcare challenges using digital technologies. Stay tuned for an engaging journey of cooperation that promises to deliver exciting updates.

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